As are exams, my first on Tuesday.. waah. History- Civil Rights and Vietnam. Recently I've been super busy but I haven't realised at all. The top picture is a gathering I went to and wore this amazing blouse, courtesy of my friend, thank you Jess! It's all romantic and floaty with lace and I just love it! The last few pictures are of the May Ball I attended last night at Rye St Antony, where I used to go to school. It was amazing to see all of my old friends and teachers, and meet so many new people as well! I wore an absolutely gorgeous vintage dress, black and corset (I couldn't breath) and plain black shoes. As it was such an elegant dress I styled my hair and make up to compliment it, focusing on a strong coral lip. I went for delicate jewellery, a plain silver bangle and these gorgeous Zoe Dunn earrings. The picture in black and white is from my brother's 11th birthday, I really should be a princess. Harry? Any takers? Anyway, I've had an amazing few days, but now I'd better get down to revision! Have a fabulous May! xxx

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