SUMMER. Closing with a bang

It's gone way too quickly, I started with a week in Sorrento, Italy. The top 6 pictures capture my 'holiday style'
Bikini- SL Privee
Red swimsuit- vintage
Denim shorts- sevenforallmankind cut offs
Top- Offyourface
Sunglasses- Vintage pop up at Cornbury festival
Maxi dress- Topshop
Turqoise dress- Topshop
Black mullet skirt- River Island
I can't tell you how nice it was to get away and just forget about all the shit, don't worry though it's piled on since then. Life.
The next picture is results night. I got ccdd in my AS levels, History, English Lit, Art and Dance which left me in the mood to party. I attended a party with 80% of my year, and as nice as it was to see everyone, I didn't have fun.
Top- Topshop
Leggings- Primark
I hosted a party a few days later, and I am pictured first with my good friend Jess and in the last picture with my main girl Megan. Both of these hunnies have insane fashion sense and gorgeous clothes- I have to borrow all the time! But again, I couldn't properly enjoy myself.
Skirt- Zara
Shirt- White Stuff
Shoes- River Island
A friend of mine, Ed held a party/band thing at his house which I attended with Jess and Ab (pictured) I sound like such a moan but I really didn't enjoy myself again.
Shirt- Megs from TK Maxx
Skirt- Abs from Topshop
Finally. I went to a friend Joe's house party, I hadn't seen him or his group of friends for a long time and it was so so nice to finally catch up. I ended up staying for 4 nights, constantly drunk and then have been back almost every night this week! I had the most fun I've had all summer and I hope to return tonight!
Leotard- Retro Pineapple
Jeans- Topshop
Belt- Mias

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