it was christmas.

So, it was Christmas, and after doing myself proud on Christmas Eve, classy but party enough to get me in the spirit, in a black pencil skirt (asos) and a satin effect red blouse, completed with the black shoes you see to the left ('borrowed' from a friend) and a pair of vintage statement earrings. So after doing this the night before, Christmas day came and I was stuck. With my new clothes, I planned ahead and chose to wear them boxing day instead. I chose a simple black, cut away dress, black tights, previous shoes and a grey knit cardigan. I was given a jewelled vintage cross necklace as part as a present, fate of course, and it glued the outfit together perfectly. Boxing day, I chose a shell coloured blouse, black leggings, the same grey cardigan and ankle boots, plain pearl earrings and my signature 'E' necklace. Unfortunately, for the rest of the holidays and new years, I was either lazy, or ill. I hope to keep you posted with more soon, so keep checking!

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