War paint for 2012 -make up

Bobbi Brown eye palette
Guerlain eye palette
Topshop lipstick in Brighton Rock
Vintage Rimmel in Coral
Swarovski Revlon Limited edition lipstick
Rimmel eye colour in Bronze
No17 Clear definition mascara
Chanel les yeux eyeliner in brown
Guerlain liquid eyeliner in brown

I swear. I don't wear foundation and I hope I never will- my only exception is a night out. My day to day makeup is just mascara, if anything, as I think that wearing make up day in day out is slightly pretentious, but this only applies to me. I live for lipsticks and frequently wear a bright colour on my lips and mascara. No17 Clear Definition is the best thing for eyebrows since I don't know when. I only wear bown eyeliner or mascara as the colours compliment me more than black. My one make up resolution for this year is to channel  the icons of the 60s. As pastel colours are all the range this season, expect to see me in lilac eye shadow and lipstick, with a bold eyeline.

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